Vaccination Awareness

Vaccination Matters

Vaccines make the world a healthier place. In 1796 when Edward Jenner discovered he could vaccinate against Smallpox and Cowpox, healthcare entered a new era: The Era of Vaccinations. Proper immunization helps prevent and ward off diseases like influenza, pertussis, chickenpox, meningitis, tetanus, and a whole litany of other illnesses as well as helping to eradicate such terrible diseases as smallpox and polio. No matter what you might see and hear about vaccines causing autism or other medical problems, it just simply is not true, and the smartest and safest thing to do is to get vaccinated.

On this page there are useful links to resources to help you get educated about vaccines and what they can do, as well as a letter from an osteopath explaining why they recommend everyone get immunized. Lastly there is a video from the CDC talking about the importance of adult immunization and how it helps you, and those around you.

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Online Resources 

General Info:

AIM Toolkit

MDHHS Immunization Page

What Vaccines Protect Against: 

CDC Vaccination and Immunization Page

For Children:

Healthy Children’s Immunization Page

Vaccines Needed For School


For Adults:

Adult Vaccine Information

Vaccine Schedules

Finding and Paying for Vaccines

Vaccines for Pregnant Women

Immunization for Women

For Physicians/DO’s:

Michigan Care Improvement Registry

CDC Vaccination Information for Providers

AIM Toolkit Providers Page

MDHHS Clearinghouse

University of Minnesota’s Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy

University of Pittsburgh 4 Pillars Tool

Vaccination Videos

MOA YouTube "Vaccination Works!" YouTube Playlist