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Alison Johnson
Alison Johnson, Project Associate with the Center for Social Enterprise is passionate about public health, social justice and health equity. So passionate that she balances her role with MPHI with her schooling at Michigan State University as she is working toward her Master of Public Health. Her experience has led to her to be selected as the Student Liaison in the Ethics Section of the American Public Health Association and she previously served as a Policy and Action Associate in the Student Assembly. She was recognized as a student scholarship recipient for the 2018 APHA Annual Meeting. Alison is excited to apply all of her lessons from MPHI, MSU, and APHA in the future as a leader in the public health space.

Joel Wallace
Joel Wallace, Team Lead in the Center for Social Enterprise, supports the Michigan Medicaid program in its efforts to obtain funding for Health Information Technology from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. By providing regulatory guidance, facilitating information gathering, and document production for the funding requests, Joel helps the State design, develop, and implement technical solutions to improve health care in the State. Joel also supports the myHealthButton/myHealthPortal training project as project manager. Prior to joining MPHI, Joel worked in a variety of capacities in IT, from software design and development, to system administration, and production quality control.

Session: A Technology Solution for Engaging Medicaid Consumers
Friday, November 8, 3 - 4 pm • Ambassador West Ballroom

2019 Autumn Scientific Convention