Student Liaisons

As a student liaison, you attend and assist with promoting all MOA-hosted events.
You are also invited to exclusive networking opportunities with the MOA Board of Trustees.
Apply to be a student liaison by clicking the link below.

Student Liaison Committee FAQ (PDF)


What are the benefits of student membership?

  • The MOA hosts a free luncheon during the year to introduce you to the MOA President.
  • Each year the MOA, in conjunction with MSUCOM, hosts a DME expo during the MOA Annual Spring Scientific Convention.
  • The MOA hosts a free luncheon presentation in the fall on the importance of legislative advocacy.
  • The MOA offers members many discounts, including health, dental and vision insurance, car rentals, vacations, cell phones, prescription drug cards, and many more. For a complete list, please visit the MOA Business Partners.
    The MOA continues your education through discounted Continuing Medical Education (CME) programs because your education does not stop upon graduation from medical school.

    The MOA advocates for osteopathic medical students and physicians for positive health care legislation at the Capitol in Lansing. Decisions made today will affect your practice tomorrow!

    The MOA keeps you connected with important information regarding the osteopathic profession and community health issues through The Pulse, our e-newsletter, our award-winning journal, TRIAD, social media and the website.

Matthew Meranda
Matthew Meranda, Student Doctor Trustee

Matt Meranda, OMSII at Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine (MSUCOM), is the Student Government Association President for the class of 2021. Matthew is a fully licensed EMT and has volunteered for AIDS and HIV awareness in a program in Alabama. On the MSU campus he has worked to organize philanthropic efforts within the Greek community, serving as the Philanthropic Chair for Delta Sigma Phi.

AOA Statement and Updates on Single GME Accreditation System

Link: Statement and Updates on Single GME Accreditation System

Osteopathic medical students without a training position match can now search for AOA postdoctoral training programs with the free AOA Post Match Web service. Check this site often, as new programs may be posted later. Students can also find information about training programs at the AOA Match website or AOA Opportunities.

Osteopathic programs offer three separate options as choices of OGME-1 approved training, while focusing on the student’s ultimate goal of residency training in a specialty. Click here to read important Match information!

AOA Submits Response Opposing Common Program Requirements

How do I get involved?

MOA/MSUCOM's Class of 2022 Liaisons 

creech schulte  
Jessica Creech Casey Schukow Alexandra Schulte      
DMC DMC DMC       
deak Italiano ladson Ruedisueli_Maria walter
Mikayla Depuydt 


ALZOUHAYLI burke LEKHWANI mcbride     
Rasseil Alzouhayli Michelle
Rahul Lekhwani Patrick McBride    


MOA/MSUCOM's Class of 2021 Liaisons

Adam Basha Nadine Elhage Zoe Russell Brett Sassack Lauren Donley Tiffany Garcia
DMC DMC DMC DMC East Lansing East Lansing
Matthew Meranda
Ben Heriford Matthew Meranda Luke Schichtel Rachel VanCoillie Julie Kell Jessica Reid
East Lansing East Lansing East Lansing East Lansing MUC MUC
Lauren Smith


MOA Student Liaison Committee Members

Beth Courey, MSUCOM Faculty Advisor

Terry Trombley, MOA Administrative Assistant

Class of 2020

Daniel Daoud, DMC
Megan Denny, DMC
Mike Finkel, DMC
Jessica Greb, MUC
Zainab Hammoud, DMC 
Sarah Harris-Kober, EL
Kat Krukowski, EL
Arpita Mohany, EL
Stephen Rivard, EL
Jordan Skrivanek, EL
Nick Stiles, EL
Hannah Winget, MUC

Class of 2019

Jacquelyn Albosta, EL               
Scott Anteau, DMC                     
Nick Foster, DMC                     
Jesse Kinner, EL                       
Faith Lincoln, MUC                  
Jenifer Moceri, MUC      
Daniel O'Connor, DMC             
Jason Oetman, EL                    
Ryan Owen, EL                       
Devon Pyykkonen, EL            
Colleen Reidy, EL                    
Taran Silva, EL