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LARALARA Rule Changes: The Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) has established new rules on physicians delegating the prescription of controlled substances to nurse practitioner or nurse midwives and physician’s assistants. The revised rules, effective December 20, 2016, include a list of requirements for the supervising physician. At this point, LARA is in the process of updating the forms and the related information on their website ( but LARA does have the rules online in a PDF file.
For a PDF of the new rules, click here:

LARA is working on updating the website and forms. We will share the links to the LARA rules pages once they are updated.

Flu Vaccination Locations: We are approaching flu season. As always, we encourage the flu shot for those that can to protect those that can't. Wondering where to get the shot? It has never been easier:

Deadly opioid carfentanil potentially in Michigan: Urgent announcement from Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Carfentanil presents a great danger to the general public, first responders and healthcare workers--



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