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Medical Students

AOA Submits Response Opposing Common Program Requirements

Osteopathic medical students without a training position match can now search for AOA postdoctoral training programs with the free AOA Post Match Web service. Check this site often, as new programs may be posted later. Students can also find information about training programs at the AOA Match website or AOA Opportunities.

Osteopathic programs offer three separate options as choices of OGME-1 approved training, while focusing on the student’s ultimate goal of residency training in a specialty. Click here to read important Match information!

AOA Submits Response Opposing Common Program Requirements

What are the benefits of a
student membership?



  • The MOA hosts a free luncheon during the year to introduce you to the MOA President.
  • Each year the MOA, in conjunction with MSUCOM,  hosts a DME expo during the MOA Annual Spring Scientific Convention.
  • The MOA hosts a free luncheon presentation in the fall on the importance of legislative advocacy.
  • One of the most coveted and prestigous awards for students is the MOA Outstanding Graduating Senior Award, presented along with a monetary award to one student each year at commencement.
  • The MOA offers members many discounts, including health, dental and vision insurance, car rentals, vacations, cell phones, prescription drug cards, and many more. For a complete list, please visit the MOA Business Partners.

Advocates Communicates
The MOA continues your education through discounted Continuing Medical Education (CME) programs because your education does
not stop upon graduation from medical school.
The MOA advocates for osteopathic medical students and physicians for positive health care legislation at the Capitol in Lansing. Decisions made today will affect your practice tomorrow! The MOA communicates important information to members through UPDATE, our e-newsletter, our award-winning journal, TRIAD, and our website.

How do I get involved?

Lt. Taran Silva

Lt. Taran Silva is a graduate of Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Science in Physiology with a minor in Spanish. He is currently a second year medical student at Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine. Taran serves as the President of the Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine Student Government Association and serves on the Council of Osteopathic Student Government Presidents. Taran is from the Grand Rapids area. Taran is also the recipient of a U.S. Air Force Health Professions Scholarship and is a commissioned officer in the U.S. Air Force. Taran is interested in primary care.

Know the Issues

This has been a big year legislatively for physicians, and the Michigan Osteopathic Association has been in the thick of several key issues at the State Capitol. Here’s a run-down of what happened this year, why it happened and what it means for member physicians. Please visit Issues and Legislation to learn more.


MOA/MSUCOM's Class of 2018 Representatives

 Kimberly Blom Karishma Chopra Curtis Dickey Michael Doherty Dina Fakhouri Benjamin Glines
East Lansing East Lansing
DMC East Lansing East Lansing East Lansing 

Evan Gray Kristen Kenny Daniel LaForest Robert McGowan Houmam Saker Sirisha Yellayi
East Lansing MUC DMC East Lansing DMC MUC




MOA/MSUCOM's Class of 2019 Representatives



Jacquelyn Albosta
Scott Anteau
Nick Foster

Jesse Kinner

Faith Lincoln
Jenifer Moceri 

East Lansing

Daniel O'Connor DMC

Jason Oetman

 East Lansing

Ryan Owen

East Lansing

Devon Pyykkonen East Lansing

Colleen Reidy

East Lansing


Taran Silva

East Lansing















OTHER MOA Student Liaison Committee Members


Ryan Abboud, 2017 Rep.   
Shannon Doud, 2017 Rep.
Aslan Efendizade, 2017 Rep.
Nathan Hamilton, 2017 Rep.
April Korneli, 2017 Rep.
Mike Kostiuk, 2017 Rep.
Alexander Orman, 2017 Rep.
Ryan Qasawa, 2017 Rep.
Ryan Smith, 2017 Rep.



William Falls, PHD, Chair
Terry Trombley, MOA Administrative Assistant
Beth Courey, MSUCOM Faculty Advisor

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