ADP- Payroll, HR, Retirement services and much more is now available to Michigan Osteopathic members.

The IRS, State and Local branches of government have added many compliance regulations to small businesses that are creating more risk and headaches for you as the business owner! Payroll is no longer just hit the button and the checks are processed! 

With the technology that ADP now provides, you are able to:

  • Streamline your payroll and tax administration with a click of the button
  • Preview your payroll and make as many changes as necessary to guarantee 100% accuracy!
  • Next day Direct Deposit
  • General ledger interface with QuickBooks
  • Electronic Garnishment and FOC Payment system
  • Employee Handbooks, 100% automated
  • Instant Pre-screening of new hires
  • Live and Email HR Help Desk
  • Unemployment services
  • Workers Compensation
  • And much more!

Michigan Osteopathic Association Members with receive the following for new businesses that start with ADP

15% discount on services
$200 set-up cost now will be $50 one-time cost 
Also, any special we may have at the time you sign up with ADP
One Month Free Payroll Service

Let ADP provide you a no cost comparison with how you presently process your payroll and HR services. 

As a member of the MOA, the representative to contact for your cost comparison is Steve Frimodt @ 517-410-3447.

"Employee Solutions Made Easy" ADP brochure with list of services (PDF)