Michigan Osteopathic Association CME Information

From the MOA Education Committee

Your MOA Education Committee continues to develop CME programming to meet the needs of our members.  The ongoing changes in CME requirements, by the AOA, by specialty boards, and various state mandates, makes this a very challenging effort.  At the MOA 2017 Spring Scientific Convention, two new programs were piloted with a focus on Emergency Medicine and Hospitalist Medicine specialties.  From this experience, MOA will provide additional specialty-focused sessions during future conferences. 

As many members know, in addition to the ongoing 150 CME hours per three year period required by the Michigan Board of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery, the state of Michigan now requires two new educational requirements for osteopathic license renewals:
(1) a one-time course on recognition and interventions for human trafficking and 
(2) three hours of pain and symptom management.  The State has set specific standards for this education and MOA will include the necessary sessions in future conferences. These additional educational requirements have not been designated as CME; however, the MOA will design programs to also meet the standards to achieve CME credits.

While the AOA has eliminated its three-year 120 hour CME requirement for AOA membership, the specialty boards have not reduced their explicit requirements for continued certification for board-certified members.  This is one of the reasons why the Education Committee has pursued the development of specialty-focused programming. 

If you are interested in participating in development of specialty-focused programming at future MOA conferences, please contact: 
Melissa Budd, CME Program Manager 
Phone: 517-347-1555 Ext. 112



State of Michigan Osteopathic Physician Requirements
(per 3-year reporting cycle)

- 150 hours of CME required
- 60 hours must be Category 1
- 40 hours must be AOA approved
- Remaining 20 hours can be allopathic-approved CME
- Remaining 90 hours of 150 can be Category 1 or Category 2
- Pain & Symptom Management (effective Dec. 2017)
- Minimum 3 hours per 3-year period
- Training on Recognizing Victims of Human Trafficking: One-time requirement

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