Component Societies


Region 1

Shane Patterson, DO, Tri-County Osteopathic Medical Association 

Region 2

Jonathan Horbal, DO, Saginaw Valley Osteopathic Society

Olan Dombroske, DO, Eastern Osteopathic Society

Bonita Wang, DO, Genesee County Osteopathic Society


Region 3

Carol Monson, DO, Ingham Osteopathic Association — Link to IOA page

Khawaja Ikram, DO, Southeastern Michigan Osteopathic Association

Kevin Beyer, DO, Southwest Michigan Osteopathic Association 


Region 4

William Sanders, DO, Kent County Osteopathic Association

Nicholas Beechnau, DO, Western Michigan Osteopathic Association


Region 5

Keith Wright, DO, Northern Michigan Osteopathic Association - Link to NMOA page