Michigan Osteopathic Association 
Council of Interns and Residents

Council of Interns and Residents

The Michigan Osteopathic Association (MOA) values the involvement of interns and residents. The MOA Board of Trustees includes positions on the board for a student and a resident. The MOA Council of Interns and Residents (CIR) offers opportunities to learn from those before you and pass that knowledge on to those who follow. The CIR provides a network of support on issues such as physician wellness, preparing for employment, starting your practice, contract negotiation, healthcare policy and legislative advocacy. 

Meetings for the CIR work around busy schedules and focus on educational and social events as well as advocacy and mentorship. Joining the CIR provides great benefits from medical school through residency. 

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 Member engagement and advocacy events are held throughout the year! Be sure to join the CIR for the latest updates.

CIR at the 2024 House of Delegates

Members of the Council of Interns and Residents (CIR) are a diverse group of individuals who are keen on ensuring that they advocate on behalf of the communities they serve. While advocacy takes many shapes and forms, one method includes bringing up key concerns to their state society in the form of resolutions. At this year's House of Delegates (HOD), new resolutions were brought forward, while strides rooted in previous resolutions were celebrated. Click on the link below for a report on the Resolutions, awards and honors that were a part of the 2024 MOA House of Delegates. 

CIR report from the 2024 House of Delegates

CIR 2024

Council of Interns and Residents for 2024
Chair - Brittany Garza, DO – Class of 2022
Vice Chair - Suruchi Dash, DO – Class of 2023
Secretary - Rozzie Bloch – Class of 2024
Event Planner - Anmol Pardal – Class of 2025
Social Media/Outreach - Kiley Flynn – Class of 2025
Resolution Chair - Syed Rizvi – Class of 2025

CIR Discussion Series

February 2022 Discussion Series: Seasons of Change From Residency to Attending
The Council of Interns and Residents hosted a panel of "attendings" from a variety of specialties to discuss the transition of residency to attending. This daunting transition is something every young doctor experiences. Listen in for an informative conversation and feel free to reach out to the CIR with any questions you may have.
Seasons of Change From Residency to Attending

March 2021 Discussion Series: Wealth Management

Council of Interns and Residents Discussion Series: Michael Nordmann, Wealth Manager from Maner Wealth. Mr. Nordmann serves as Chief Wealth Officer at Maner Wealth. He works with families and closely held businesses to create holistic, lifelong financial plans. His experienced with physicians, interns and residents makes his insight particularly valuable to the CIR.
Michael Nordmann email: [email protected]

Wealth Management with Maner Wealth
Wealth Management Presentation (PDF of PowerPoint)

December 2020 Discussion Series: Financial Planning
The Council of Interns and Residents (CIR) held their third program in the CIR Discussion Forum Series with an informational discussion with Mark Johnson of RBF Wealth Advisors. The discussion reviewed student loans and budgeting as interns and residents continue to complete their educational training and enter their career.
Johnson serves as a wealth advisor with RBF Wealth Advisors, helping families, retirees, healthcare professionals, business owners, and corporate executives plan for success across all aspects of their financial life. He is also the founder of StudentLoansRx which helps emerging healthcare professionals create plans to address their student loan debt in the most cost-effective manner based on their career and other financial goals which may include practice ownership. View the discussion by clicking the link below!

November 2020 Discussion Series: Contract Negotiation

The Council of Interns and Residents (CIR) held their 2nd virtual Discussion Series with Kerr Russell attorney, Dan Schulte presenting on the subject of "Contract Negotiation." With over 25 years of experience, Schulte clearly explained what to look for when reviewing a contract for the first time and tips for residents as they start reviewing offers from potential employers. View the discussion by clicking the link below!

Dan Schulte Contract Negotiation Discussion Form 

Resource Links

Visit the "Resident of the Year" award page to see past winners and information regarding the nomination process.


Visit the AOA's Resident Member page for more excellent resources!

In addition to outlining the standards for internship residency training programs, the Basic Documents for Postdoctoral Training (PDF) contain accreditation standards for osteopathic postdoctoral training institutions (OPTIs).

Learn about AOA requirements for entry into postdoctoral training programs, as well as the procedures necessary to gain approval.

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