Employment Contract and Practice Acquisition Review Service

The Michigan Osteopathic Association’s (MOA) legal counsel, Kerr Russell, is pleased to offer MOA members a discounted fixed fee employment contract review service and practice acquisition (i.e. buy-in) document review service. This service is designed to make obtaining the protections gained by an attorney contract review affordable.

Why do I need a written employment contract? Why isn’t my handshake deal good enough?

Employment Contract Review Service

Kerr Russell commits to review a MOA member’s employment contract, provide a written list of comments (i.e. items that should be changed, negotiated and/or removed) and consult with the MOA member for a fixed fee equal to $800.00.

Will a covenant-not-to-compete be legally binding against me? What is a reasonable geographic restriction? How long should a covenant-not-to-compete last? 

Practice Acquisition Document Review Service

Kerr Russell commits to review acquisition documents and applicable governing documents for MOA members decided to become partners in group practice, provide a written list of comments (i.e. the items that should be changed, negotiated and/or removed) and consult with the MOA member for a fixed fee equal to $2,000.

Should I insist on a “for cause” only termination clause? What should the “For Cause” events be? Do I have the ability to terminate the contract and how much notice should I agree to give?

Additional Services

Services not included in either the Employment Contract Review Service or the Acquisition Document Review Service will be provided pursuant to a separate engagement letter on an hourly rate basis. Examples of additional services include participation in negotiations, attendance at meetings and drafting and revising documents.

If I am terminated without cause should the covenant-not-to-compete apply? Should the covenant-not-to-compete apply if I terminate the contract? 

How to Obtain the Services

Questions regarding the employment contract review service or the acquisition document review service should be directed to: 
Daniel J. Schulte at (313) 961-0200.

These legal services will be provided directly by Kerr Russell and would commence upon conflict clearance, the signing of an engagement letter and payment of the fixed fee amount as a retainer. To obtain the services, please contact Daniel J. Schulte at Kerr Russell by phone at (313) 961- 0200.

Kerr Russell is a full service law firm with 57 attorneys. Its healthcare practice is the most experienced in Michigan having represented Michigan physicians and their group practices for over 60 years. This experience gives Kerr Russell’s healthcare attorneys a well developed sense of the relationship between physicians and their employees and physicians and their fellow physicians in group practice.

The firm has extensive experience reviewing employment contracts, the different types of acquisition documents and its healthcare attorneys are experts in all matters related to the successful negotiation of physician employment and practice acquisition documents. This includes a wealth of experience in how to deal with common differences that arise between a physician and his/her potential employer (e.g. the scope of employment duties, covenants not to compete, on-call responsibilities, termination rights/consequences, compensation methods, purchase price and payment terms, buy-sell terms, practice governing documents--Articles of Incorporation/Organization, Bylaws/Operating Agreements, etc.).

The reviews will be conducted by the leaders of Kerr Russell’s healthcare practice, Daniel J. Schulte and Patrick J. Hadadd. Biographic and professional information on Mr. Schulte and Mr. Hadadd can be found on the firm’s website. Kerr Russell’s website also provides information on the firm’s many other practice areas including malpractice defense and other litigation, corporate and tax law, estate planning, etc.