Women of Excellence

Women of Excellence 2023

2023 Women of Excellence Award

The 2023 Women of Excellence Award was presented to Dr. Barbara Ross-Lee at at the 124th Annual Spring Scientific Convention, at a reception following her participation in the CME presentation; "Growing Strong: How Women are Shaping the Future of Medicine" Mary Jo Voelpel, DO, FACOI, FACNM, MA, CS; Barbara Ross-Lee, DO, FACOFP".

The Women of Excellence award is given on an annual basis by the MOA Women of Excellence Committee, to recognize a female osteopathic physician who has provided exemplary leadership in the field of medicine.

The reception featured dessert and wine, with a program that included the presentation of the 8th Annual Women of Excellence award, received by Dr. Barbara Ross-Lee.

OWL (Osteopathic Women Leaders) Institute

The purpose of the institute is to engage female osteopathic physicians and provide them with the tools they need to foster both a positive and successful professional and personal life. The institute provides online and live CME, leadership training and resources, as well as mentorship.

: Advancing women’s professional representation through engagement, leadership, and mentorship by providing opportunities for personal growth, wellness, education, and collaboration. 
Vision: To inspire women members to become leaders, address challenges specific to women, and encourage their engagement within the Michigan Osteopathic Association.

Past Women of Excellence Award Recipients

Women of Excellence 2022

Past Award Recipients:
2022: Mary G. Goldman, DO (center)

2021: Mary Jo Voelpel, DO, FACOI, FACNM (far left)

2020: Kari Hortos, DO (not pictured)

2019: Kathleen Rollinger, DO (far right)

2018: Myral Robbins, DO, FAAFP, FACOFP (left of center)

2017: Carol Monson, DO (right of center)

2016: Dorothy Carnegie, DO (not pictured)