MOA Student Membership  

The Michigan Osteopathic Association (MOA) has a strong connection to osteopathic students, particularly the Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine. In 1959 the MOA declared its primary goal was to establish a College of Osteopathic Medicine. Through the 1960's, the MOA worked to find a location for the college, lobby legislators for funding and generate funds from MOA members. Some of those first students have spent their careers as MOA members.

Student membership in the MOA is FREE! 

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American Osteopathic Association 2022 Research Grant Application 

The AOA is pleased to announce that the 2022 research grant application cycle is now open. Research funding is available to DO and PhD researchers conducting studies that address one of four Request for Applications (RFAs) in three overall areas of foci approved by the AOA Board of Trustees. Grants are also available for new investigators, residents and medical students.  
The AOA will support the development of research projects grounded in osteopathic medicine that have the most promising potential to impact individual patient outcomes and evidence-based medicine, facilitate collaboration within and outside the osteopathic community and enhance the visibility of the osteopathic profession.  
PLEASE NOTE:  Under direction from the AOA Board of Trustees, the AOA will no longer fund basic science research projects. AOA-funded research will address the tenets of osteopathic medicine and advance the distinctiveness of the osteopathic profession through patient-focused research projects.
The four RFAs include:
  • Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine and Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMM/OMT).
  • Acute and Chronic Pain Management.
  • The Impact of the Osteopathic Approach on Chronic Disease and Elderly Care.
  • Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine (OMM) Observational & Explorative Focused Hypotheses Research Studies which address one of 14 research hypotheses designed to investigate the successful effects of OMM on specific diseases.
For more detailed information on the grants available, please visit the AOA website
Application Submission Timeline
  • November 29, 2021: Application submission opens
  • Monday, January 31, 2022, by 11:59 p.m. CST.: Deadline for submission
  • June 2022: Awards will be announced
Applying for a Grant:
  • For more information regarding the available grants, downloading the necessary instructions and applying for a grant, please click the following link: Apply for a Grant:
  • Please review the Applicant Tutorial for instructions on accessing the grant portal.
Technical Assistance/Questions: 
Questions should be directed to: Gloria Dillard, MPH, [email protected]

What are the benefits of student membership?

• MOA Events at MSUCOM Campuses
The MOA hosts two free luncheons at the MSUCOM East Lansing, Macomb and DMC campuses during the year: "Meet the MOA" and "MOA Legislative Advocacy Luncheon."

• Student Track Program
Each year the MOA Student Liaisons host a "Student Track" program during the MOA Annual Spring Scientific Convention. The program offers presentations and panel discussions

• Science Research Exhibit Competition 
Each spring and fall, the MOA hosts a Science Research Exhibit (SRE) Competition with poster and oral presentations. Cash awards and the opportunity for fame await! 
For more information, visit the SRE Competition webpage.

• Legislative Advocacy 
The MOA advocates for osteopathic medical students and physicians for positive health care legislation at the Capitol in Lansing. Decisions made today will affect your practice tomorrow!

Mini Medical SChool• Stay Connected
The MOA keeps you connected with important information regarding the osteopathic profession and community health issues through The Pulse, our e-newsletter, our award-winning journal, TRIAD, social media and the website.

• Volunteering Opportunities
The MOA is an active advocate for community health issues, hosting various events throughout the year.

• Continuing Education
The MOA continues your education through discounted Continuing Medical Education (CME) programs because your education does not stop upon graduation from medical school.

Student Representation on the Board of Trustees

The MOA maintains a Student and Resident Trustee on the Board of Trustees. This tradition ensures that the voice of the next generation of physicians is represented in the board's decision making process.

Briana Cervantes


Briana Cervantas
Student Trustee, Co-Director Department of Education
Briana Cervantas is currently an OMSII at Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine (MSUCOM).




Student Liaisons

As a student liaison, you are able to attend and assist with promoting all MOA-hosted events. You are also invited to exclusive networking opportunities with the MOA Board of Trustees. 

Student Liaison Committee / Students Apply to become a member of this MOA Committee

As a student liaison, you attend and assist with promoting all MOA-hosted events. You are also invited to represent MOA at various community events throughout the year.

The MOA Student Liaison Committee is dedicated to communicating student needs and planning outstanding events to keep students in osteopathic programs across the state connected with the MOA and each other.  The committee includes student liaisons from all three Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine campuses (East Lansing, Detroit Medical Center and Macomb University Center).


1.)   What is the Michigan Osteopathic Association?

 The MOA is YOUR state association! MOA represents more than 7,000 osteopathic physicians and medical students. Learn more at

2.)   What does the MOA D.O. for you?

  • • Educates through continuing medical education (CME) programs
  • • Advocates for osteopathic physicians and positive health care legislation
  • • Communicates through the email newsletter, the quarterly magazine (TRIAD), social media (Facebook & Twitter) and website (

3.)   What are student benefits of membership? In addition to the benefits listed above, students enjoy several more targeted benefits of membership:

  • The MOA hosts free luncheon and dinner lectures throughout the year
  • Attend the free MOA Student Program and Reception at the Annual Spring Scientific Convention in May
  • One of the most prestigious awards for MSUCOM students is the MOA Outstanding Graduating Senior Award, presented with a monetary award to one student each year. 

MOA MSUCOM Class of 2025 Liaisons

   John Karns  Jazmine Noles  Hadel Faraj Sweilem
 Sriakhila (Toni) Akula John Karns  Jazmine Noles  Hadel Faraj Sweilem
 Mari Dowling  Kiley Flynn  Samuel Kepes  Risa Lugo
Mari Dowling Kiley Flynn Samuel Kepes Risa Lugo
East Lansing East Lansing East Lansing East Lansing
 Miles Menuck  Anmol Pardal  Syed Rizvi  Monica Sun
Miles Menuck Anmol Pardal Syed Rizvi Monica Sun
East Lansing East Lansing East Lansing East Lansing
Zachary Tepper Nadya Herfi Jared Lutsic Urja Parikh
Zachary Tepper Nadya Herfi Jared Lutsic Urja Parikh
East Lansing MUC MUC MUC


MOA MSUCOM Class of 2024 Liaisons

   student liaison  student liaison  student liaison
Katarzna (Kat)
 student liaison  student liaison  student liaison  student liaison
 East Lansing  East Lansing East Lansing   East Lansing
 student liaison  student liaison    


 MUC  MUC    


MOA MSUCOM's Class of 2023 Liaisons

Class of 2023

Anh Dao Tran, DMC
Meghan Grossmann, DMC
Polo Kostecki, DMC
Erica Nanni, East Lansing
Erica Razon, East Lansing
Kathrine Yacoo, East Lansing
Miranda Hunt, East Lansing
Suruchi Dash, East Lansing
Tanner Hewitt, East Lansing
Blake Beauchamp, MUC
Courtney Merlo, MUC
Puja Laroia, MUC
Rachel Semaan, MUC


Class of 2022

Jessica Creech, DMC
Casey Schukow, DMC
Alexandra Schulte, DMC
Zachary Deak, East Lansing
Mikayla Depuydt, East Lansing
John Italiano, East Lansing
Brittany Ladson, East Lansing
Maria Ruedisueli, East Lansing
Casey Walter, East Lansing
Rasseil Alzouhayli, MUC
Michelle Burke, MUC
Rahul Lekhwani, MUC
Patrick McBride, MUC

MOA Student Liaison Committee Members

Beth Courey, MSUCOM Faculty Advisor

Terry Trombley, MOA Administrative Assistant


AOA Statement and Updates on Single GME Accreditation System

Link: Statement and Updates on Single GME Accreditation System

Osteopathic medical students without a training position match can now search for AOA postdoctoral training programs with the free AOA Post Match Web service. Check this site often, as new programs may be posted later. Students can also find information about training programs at the AOA Match website or AOA Opportunities.

Osteopathic programs offer three separate options as choices of OGME-1 approved training, while focusing on the student’s ultimate goal of residency training in a specialty. Click here to read important Match information!

AOA Submits Response Opposing Common Program Requirements