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June 2, 2023
Kris Nicholoff named AOA's 2023 Bob E. Jones Executive Director of the year, Barbara Ross Lee, DO, honored by Women of Excellence, Spring on-demand CME

Pulse: May 16, 2023
It's Spring Conference Week! Spring CME includes LARA requirements, Friday Events at the Westin Southfield, Outstanding Graduating Senior Award, Economic Impact of Healthcare in Michigan report 

Spring Conference and more CME Opportunities: May 10, 2023 
Think Spring! 2023 conferences - Spring Conference events, CME, In-person and on-demand, Michigan Osteopathic Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons meeting May 22 and on-demand CME opportunities

Pulse: May 3, 2023
Think Spring! 2023 conferences, New MOA President, Outstanding Resident of the Year, BCBSM Provider Update, MHA Monday Report, New DEA Training Requirement and more

NMOA Summer Conference, 2023
NMOA Summer Conference - June 15-18, 2023 at Mission Point Resort on Mackinac Island

Pulse: April 4, 2023
Think Spring! 2023 conferences, AOA Physician Services with Alert on Cigna, BCBSM Provider Update, IOA Meeting April 18, MHA Monday Report, CMS EPCS Program Webinar Materials and more

Pulse: March 21, 2023
Think Spring! Save the Dates 2023 conferences, BCBSM Provider Update, "Aging Optimally, " by the MOA's Dr. Carol Monson, MHA Monday Report, CMS EPCS Program Webinar Materials and more

Pulse: March 6, 2023
Think Spring! Save the Dates 2023 conferences, MOA mournes Dr. Dorothy Carnegie, BCN Provider News, Call for Resolutions, SRE Submissions, Women of Excellence nominations

Pulse: Feb. 10, 2023
Think Spring! Save the Dates 2023 conferences, Call for Resolutions, SRE Submissions, Women of Excellence nominations and MOA mourns the passing of Daher Rahi, DO, past pres. 1977-78

Pulse: Jan. 17, 2023
MOA Celebrates 125 years! CME Opportunities, Call for Resolutions, SRE Submissions, Women of Excellence nominations, BCBSM Coding Advisor outreach, Electronic Prescribing enforcement 

Pulse: Jan. 4, 2023
MOA Celebrates 125 years! CME Opportunities, Call for Resolutions, BCBSM Coding Advisor outreach, information on Electronic Prescribing and Karmanos Career Opportunities

Pulse: Dec. 15, 2022
CME's Greetings! Autumn On Demand and more CME Opportunities, Congrats to DO Appointees and information on Electronic Prescribing enforcement

Pulse: Dec. 6, 2022
Autumn On Demand and more CME Opportunities, Call for Resolutions, BCBSM Coding Advisor outreach, information on Electronic Prescribing and Public Health Emergency (PHE) Unwinding

Pulse: Nov. 22, 2023
Autumn Sessions On Demand and more CME Opportunities, Blues Brief for providers, MOA mourns the passing of George Charles Costea, DO—with information on services and MSUCOM's Spartan DO Journeys

Pulse: Nov. 7, 2022
Autumn SRE Winners, CME Opportunities, Dr. Rachel Young on being honored with the 2022 James M. Lally, DO, National Emerging Leader Recognition Award!

Pulse: Oct. 19, 2022
Reproduction Health Rights webinar Oct. 27, Update on electronic prescription requirement, Congrats to Dr. Rachel Young, Autumn at the Amway and MHA Keystone Center Annual Health Equity Summit

Pulse: Oct. 4, 2022
Reproduction Health Rights webinar Oct. 27, Update on electronic Prescription requirement coming Jan. 1, '23, Room discounts still available for Autumn at the Amway

Pulse: Sept. 12, 2022
Monkeypox Update Webinar Sept. 22, Dr. Rachel Young featired in IVaccinate OpEd, Autumn at the Amway, Facts on Vax efforts and CME Opportunities

Pulse: August 23, 2022
Monkeypox Update and resources, CME Opportunities, Autumn at the Amway, Facts on Vax efforts and Dean's Update from MSUCOM

Pulse: August 1, 2022
Autumn at the Amway, Mini Medical School at Gregory Kelser Camp, MSUCOM Dean's Update, and news from the Blues

Pulse: July 11, 2022
NBOME bestows Eugene A. Oliveri with the Santucci Award, Spring CME available on demand, MOA Delegates are ready for the AOA House of Delegates

Pulse: June 16, 2022
Spring CME available on demand, Free HIPPA webinar, Blue Cross Updateand BCN’s new provider portal. AOA advocates for loan repayment, telemedicine and stopping Medicare cuts

Pulse June 10, 2022
Spring Convention photos, MOA Mourns 3 DOs who have passed in May, PHOP chalks up victory over Unlock MI 2.0, HIPPA webinar, Blue Cross and BCN’s new provider portal

Pulse: May 3, 2022
House of Delegates 2022, Welcome MOA Pres. Stephen Bell, DO, Think Spring! CME options, and MOA mourns the recent passing of Two Life Professionals

Pulse - April 13, 2022
Think Spring! CME options, Still time to submit Science Research Exhibits, events and more!

Pulse - April 5, 2022
Spring Convention CME options, MSUCOM Match Day Success & Dean's Update, Still time to submit Science Research Exhibits and McLaren Career opportunities 

Pulse - March 22, 2022
The MOA Mourns Life Professional, Spring CME, Advocacy issues, Outstanding Graduating Senior nominations being accepted, COVID-19 updates and Coverys on Risk

Pulse - February 28, 2022
Spring CME—in-person & on demand—registration is open!, McLaren Greater Lansing campus to open March 6, Women of Excellence nominations, SRE submissions, Outstanding Graduating Senior nominations being accepted

Advocacy and Issues - February 16, 2022
Advocacy and issues from the MOA: Update on HB5523, Last Call for Resolutions, Scope of Practice issues and more

Pulse - February 1, 2022
Spring CME offered in-person & on demand—registration is open, Scope of Practice legislation, Women of Excellence nominations, SRE submissions, Outstanding Graduating Senior nominations and Resolutions being accepted

Pulse - January 11, 2022
Spring registration is open!, LARA update on Electronic Prescribing and when it becomes a requirement, Take action on HB5523, AOA Research funding opportunity and Scope of Practice legislation

Pulse - December 16, 2021
Is a "Top Doctor" award an actual honor?, Spring CME registration open, Call for Resolutions, Opioid Home Health update, MiDOCS update from MHC, and MOA joins MiACCT to fight Scope of Practice issues

Pulse - November 23, 2021
Nicholoff Elected to AOF Board, MSUCOM Dean's Update, Jasper Yung, DO, interview, Scope of Practice Legislation, New OSHA Rule on Employers and Delta Dental insurance news

Pulse - November 10, 2021
Call for Resolutions for 2022 House of Delegates, Scope of Practice Legislation, Autumn CME, OSHA New Rule for COVID-19, AOA Advocacy & Engagement and MHA update on Physician Fee Schedule 

Pulse - October 27, 2021
MOA joins effort to oppose Scope of Practice legislation, Pumpkin Spiced Autumn CME, Pfizer Training, AOA Advocacy & Engagement and MHA MiCare Champion Cast 

Pulse - October 6, 2021
AOA bestows Outstanding Affiliate Award to MOA, Changes in Autumn CME, MPHI Survey, Melanoma Walk with Team ADAMSTRONG, Student Liaisons at the MSUCOM Meet & Greet, Beaumont Career Opportunities and more

Pulse - September 14, 2021
Melanoma Walk with Team ADAMSTRONG, AOA Advocacy Alert, Autumn CME, BCBSMM Updates, Member Benefits Survey, AOA Defends Osteopathic Profession, Coverys with HIPAA Update

Pulse - August 31, 2021
MSUCOM student developing a new COVID-19 testing protocol, Autumn Convention Update, BCBSM Update, DO Facing the Sceptics, Medical Device Safety and FDA Reporting, 3rd dose distribution and Michigan Osteopathic Physicians CME Information

Pulse - August 17, 2021
Autumn CME, in-person or Virtual, Member Benefit Survey, COVID-19 Protocol Update, MAOFP Awards, AOA Board & Appointments, Science Research Exhibit competition and updates on COVID-19

Pulse - July 27, 2021
Career Opportunities, Med Ed Opportunities, MOA Leaders on AOA Board, Dr. Best meets with Sen. Vanderwall, MOA Urges vaccinations with Take the Pledge and more

Pulse - June 28, 2021
David Best, DO, named MOA President, Career Opportunities at Team McLaren, AOA House of Delegates, BCBSM Webinars for Coding and Coverys on EHR Documentation pitfalls

Pulse - June 17, 2021
Legislative Alert, MOA mourns the loss of Dr. John Bodell, Awards for Outstanding Graduate; Rebecca Gorz, Resident of the Year; Nicole Jamieson, DO, and the Woman of Excellence:Mary Jo Voepel

Pulse - April 14, 2021
Think Spring! MOA Spring CME event, CME information and HOD information

Pulse - February, 24, 2021
Spring CME registration is open, Dean's Update, OCOMA hosts One Stop LARA requirements event, Call for Resolutions, Nominations open for: Woman of Excellence & Resident of the Year, submissions for 2021 SRE are open

Pulse - February 3, 2021
CME information, Spring CME registration is open, COVID-19 Vaccination Information, OCOMA hosts One Stop LARA requirements event, Call for Resolutions, Dr. William Anderson Speaker Series and more

Pulse - January 15, 2021
COVID-19 Vaccination Information, Dr. Bruce Wolf selected as Assistant Dean at MUC, Update on Dr. Wyatt Memorial and CME information

Pulse - December 21, 2020
MOA Shares the sad news of the passing of Lewin Wyatt, Jr., DO, message from MOA Pres. Dr. Postlewaite, CIR Discussion series and more 

Pulse - December 3, 2020
OCOMA Awards, MDHHS COVID-19 Vaccination information, Dr. Kari Hortos Awarded and Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine event

Pulse - November 18, 2020
MOA Statement on new MDHHS Emergency Orders, Autumn CME, SRE Winners and awards, MOCF Student Impact Initiative, McLaren recognized by HealthGrades and Delta Dental Insurance update.

Pulse - October 22, 2020
Set the record straight—MOA and MSUCOM joint statement to combat DO misinformation, AOA Responds to FIGS ad, SoFi Refi, COVID-19 and Reductions In The Workforce, MDHHS Epidemic Order, CME and more 

Pulse - October 6, 2020
COVID-19 Coding Update, Nicholoff in Bridge Magazine, MOA offering Autumn Online CME, member survey, SoFi Refi, VotER Campaign, Primary Care Online CME and more

Pulse - September 9, 2020
MOA offering Autumn Online CME, COVID-19 resources, member survey and more

Pulse - August 24, 2020
MOA hosts Gov. Whitmer COVID-19 Update webinar, Autumn CME Event, COVID-19 news/updates/resources and more

Pulse - August 4, 2020
Autumn CME Event, COVID-19 news/updates/resources, MOA mourns the loss of Drs. Raskin, Ruettinger and Frankenstein

Pulse - June 22, 2020
Spring CME Event, Coronavirus news/updates/resources, Advocacy Alert-End Surprise Billing & Big Changes coming

Pulse - June 2, 2020
Spring CME - Online Spring Convention, COVID-19 Affecting your practice? MOPAC information, Telehealth billing and coding & more

Pulse - May 8, 2020
Spring CME - Online Spring Convention, COVID-19 Affecting your practice? Provider Impact webinar series, Telehealth billing and coding & more

Pulse - April 28, 2020
Spring CME Event, Coronavirus news/updates/resources, Volunteer opportunities, BCBCM Provider Update

Pulse - April 14, 2020
Coronavirus News, updates and resources. Volunteer opportunities, New MHA job board

Pulse - COVID-19 March 23, 2020
Coronavirus Updates and resources

Pulse - March 9, 2020
Keep Mi Kids Tobacco Free campaign, Fix Prior Authorization efforts -Contact your legislator. Proposed Bylaw Changes notification, Spring Convention and Call for Resolutions, MHA Hosting Opioids and Addiction with Sam Quinones, the MOA mourns the unexpected passing of Rowland W. Hinds, DO, MOA hosts Michigan Osteopathic Study Group

Pulse - February 24, 2020
Keep Mi Kids Tobacco Free campaign, Fix Prior Authorization efforts - Contact your legislator. Proposed Bylaw Changes notification, Spring Convention and Call for Resolutions

Educational Opportunities February 17, 2020
CME and Educational Opportunities: MOA's 121st Spring Scientific Convention, "Nuts & Bolts" of Primary Care and OMT Study Group

Pulse - February 10, 2020
Fix Prior Authorization efforts -Contact your legislator. News from the Blues. Spring Convention, MSUCOM Speaker series and more

Pulse - January 14, 2020
MSUCOM Slavery to Freedom, MHA Breakthrough event, BCBSM Physician Updates and MOCF Ball Raffle

Pulse - December 19, 2019
MOA Mourns the passing of Dr. Augustine Perrotta, ACGME-MSUCOM-SCS Hosts workshop, BCBSM Updates and more

Pulse - November 22, 2019
Dr. Juocys Honored, Autumn Convention Re-Cap, BCBSM Updates and Women of Excellence Survey

Pulse - October 30, 2019
Surprise Billing Bills, Autumn Convention, Physician reviewers needed, Autumn Convention and news from the AOA

Pulse - October 16, 2019
Autumn Convention, Peer Reviewers, Mich. Rural Care Campaign from MHA and free Webinar on Diagnostic Errors

Pulse - September 24, 2019
MOA & Tri-County meet with Legislators, Vaping Ban on flavors, Autumn Speaker Profile: Terrie Taylor, DO and MDHHS Updates 

MOA 15th Annual Autumn Scientific Convention
Join the MOA in Grand Rapids Nov. 8-10! 24-26 AOA Category 1-A Credits 

Pulse - August 28, 2019
MOA Trustee, Adam Hunt, DO, fights melanoma. The MHA reaches 100 years, Metro Health with unique Cardio program & CPAN Rally at the Capitol  

Pulse - August 14, 2019
Dr. Wolf honored, Greg Kelser Camp includes Mini Medical School, HIPAA Security Insight, MSUCOM Student Liaisons help spread the good word from the MOA. CMS payment change proposal and MDHHS Bulletin.

Pulse - August 1, 2019
AOA Honors Dr. Meachum, CMS proposed changes and MOA Mourns Life Professional- Dr. Martin Landis, AOA Business Meeting, Survey on philosophy & technique and MHA Safety & Quality Symposium

Pulse - July 15, 2019
Dr. Paul Lacasse honored, Fulford Percussion Course hosted by MOA, McLaren Earns Gov. Award, MHA Safety Symposium and BCBSM Updates 

Pulse - June 28, 2019
AOA/MOA in South Korea, Opioid Update, MHA Campaign Rural Care Matters, AOA/MOA at Jaseng Institute in South Korea, Beaumont Podcast, Fulford Percussion Course and more

Pulse - May 29, 2019
All Things Spring! CME, Evaluations and Speaker presentations, Spring Convention highlights and links to post-convention resources, MHA Excellence in Governance Fellowship and the Fulford conference

Pulse - May 7, 2019
DO Awarded "Physician of the Year," Spring Convention highlights and new Assoc. Dean at MSUCOM, AOA survey announced for osteopathic principals and practice. 120th Spring convention, Care Coordination training and MSUCOM grad inspires

Pulse - April 12, 2019
Dr. Canfield awarded, ASAM event, FDA Safety Announcement and Spring. Bo Pang shares a remembrance for David N. Madgy, DO, TRIAD and Opinion piece from Michael G. Knapp, DO.

Pulse - March 19, 2019
MHA Keystone, A Day of Physician Wellness and McLaren investment. Taran Silva- National Student DO of the Year, Brain Injury Symposium and Priamry Care quiz. 

Pulse - February 27, 2019
Dr. Loniewski Scholarship, MDHHS Call for Comments & Physician Wellness event. OMED Scholarship, Global Outreach Peru, Brain Injury Symposium and news from MSUCOM

Pulse - Feb. 12, 2019
CMS Proposes interoperability rules, Spring Convention!, LARA Updates, BCBSM news & Physician Wellness event. New rules at CMS? AOA lists policy targets in D.C. and MSUCOM Global Outreach Peru Program offers doctors & residents unique experience. 

Spring Convention Newsletter, Jan. 25, 2019
Spring Convention: Registration is open! CME & LARA Requirements, Special opioid sessions, specialty credits offered, 32-35 CME credits anticipated. 

Pulse - Jan.16, 2019
LARA Updates, BCBSM News, MSUCOM Dean, In Memoriam and more 

Pulse - Dec. 6, 2018
Links to Autumn Evaluations, Student Loan Refi Discounts, MSUCOM students administer flu shots to legislators and more

Pulse - Nov. 7, 2018
The MDHHS announces new emergency rules and updates to the tools to combat opioids, MDHHS Survey, CAHQ Best Practices Checklist and an update from the Michigan Health Information Network (MiHIN). 

Election Information, October 30, 2018
Promote the Vote! Election Day Nov. 6 - Voter resources & information 

Pulse - October 17, 2018
CAQH Reminder, Physician Burnout, Drug Take Back Day, Autumn Convention, updates from HCPM, Breast Cancer Awareness month & more

Pulse - October 2, 2018
Paper vs. EHR Survey, MOA Awarded, MHA News and LARA requirements at Autumn Convention, news from MHA on National Physician survey, HealthyTown Everywhere in Flint & more.

Pulse - September 12, 2018
In Memoriam: Claire Wineland, MSU Restructures & MIPS Event, Champion for Healthy Seniors Award & Diagnostic Accuracy

Pulse - August 28, 2018
Major CMS changes proposed-Call for Comments, Med-IQ CME, LARA Requirements, CMS Opportunity for MIPS reporting exemption

Pulse - August 16, 2018
MOA at Greg Kelser Camp, LARA Safe Opioid Update, CO*RE Newsletter, AOA TIPS Program, McLaren News and more 

Pulse - July 31, 2018
MSUCOM-GVSU Partner, AOA House of Delegates, Opioid Laws Restricting Physicians? EHR Webinar, Town Hall on Mother Infant Health Improvement Plan and more

Pulse - July 17, 2018 
Dr. Adam Hunt is #ADAMSTRONG, Dr. Prokop speaks at Origami Rehab event, Spartan Street Medicine, AOA Annual Business Meeting and new business partner: SoFi Lending

Pulse - June 25, 2018
Violence against physicians, MAPS event, New Career Center &  upcoming events

Pulse - June 1, 2018
119th Annual Spring Convention Report: LARA, Science Research Exhibit Competition, Women of Excellence, MOPAC & more 

Pulse - May 7, 2018 
MAPS FAQ Released, CDC Award & Physician Wellness Center and Pain Management LARA Requirement

Pulse - April 23, 2018
Dr. Prokop Appointed, LARA Update, Healthology Symposium & Drug Take Back Day and Doctors' Income in 2018

Pulse - April 6, 2018 
DO Appointed, LARA Regs Update: Rules delayed, Healthcare Impact Report, Delay in MAPS Regulations and AOA legislative update

Pulse - March 23, 2018 
LARA Regs Update: Rules delayed, MHA Excellence in Leadership, MetroHealth event

Pulse - March 9, 2018 
MAPS Regs Update, Dr. Neff Awarded and Mini Medical School, Spring Convention AOA CO*RE REMS Session, HOD Resolutions and more

Pulse - Feb 16, 2018 
Feedback on new regulations for opioid prescribers, Think Spring! Think CME!
Resident of the Year, OCOMA LARA Event, HOD Resolutions and more

Pulse - Feb. 6, 2018 
Think Spring! New website, Resident of the Year Nominations & New Opioid Regulations

Pulse - Jan. 20, 2018 
Mourning Two Leaders in Osteopathic Community,OCOMO LARA Event, MAPS Revised, Physician Shortage & more

Pulse - Dec. 18, 2017 
Holiday greetings, New Member system and MHA Speak Up Nominations

Pulse - Dec. 1, 2017 
AMOA, Call for Resolutions, Film Screening and improving CME Sessions

Pulse - Nov. 20, 2017
Malpractice Closed Claim Study, Anti-Trafficking Event and Physician Organization Start-up

Convention Update, Nov. 10, 2017
Recap of Autumn Scientific Convention

Pulse - Nov. 3, 2017
Record numbers for convention, Launch of Physician Organization, MAPS Survey

Pulse - Sept. 22, 2017
Dr. Sealey in D.C., AMOA Event, MOA Awards night, Physician Wellness and CPAN 

Pulse - Sept. 8, 2017
Physican Wellness program, Autumn in GR & health news 

Pulse - Aug. 16, 2017
Autumn in GR, OMED, Healthy Michigan Plan, MSUCOM & more

Pulse - Aug.4, 2017
AOA House of Delegates, MAPS Update

Pulse - July 14, 2017
MOA Pulse: CME Changes, Autumn Convention, What are your thoughts on CMEs

Pulse - June 30, 2017
MOA Hosts Opioid Press Conference, New MAPS Info and Early Primary Care Program 

Pulse - June 16, 2017
MOA at Diabetes Heart Connection, 3 CME Outcomes Survey, & Past Presidents 

Pulse - June 2, 2017
Maintenance of Certification legislation, Spring Evaluations, DOs Together launched, Vaccination Summit

Pulse - May 12, 2017
Spring Convention Highlights, MOA Honors 30 Years of Service

Pulse - April 29, 2017
MOA Mourns Dr. Jack Finley, Econ. Impact report, Component Events

Pulse - April 14, 2017
MOA News, MAPS, DO Day on Capitol Hill, Dr. Wolf President of AOCR and AOF Awards 

Pulse - March 31, 2017
I Vaccinate Public Awareness Campaign, Member Survey: Opioid Prescribing & MAPS, New National Academy of Medicine paper addresses physician burnout, MAPS Update and instructions

Pulse - March 17, 2017
Revamped MAPS, AOA featured in PBS documentary, DEA Revised Renewal Applications, LARA: New Licensing requirements to Combat Human Trafficking

Pulse - March 3, 2017
MACRA, Calls for Delegates, Resolutions and SRE Submissions

Pulse - Feb. 17, 2017
MOA Joins in Legislative & Policy Conference

Pulse - Feb. 3, 2017
DO's Appointed, Think Spring, Metro Health Announcement & WCUCOM Relief Fund

Pulse - Jan. 6, 2017
Mourning the passing of Dr. Max McKinney, LARA Rule Changes