The Michigan Osteopathic Association is honored to nominate

Robert GG Piccinini, DO

Piccinini for President-Elect
The MOA proudly nominates our Past President, Dr. Robert G.G. Piccinini as our candidate for the 2024-25 President-Elect of the AOA. 
  • Current AOA Trustee
  • MOA Past President (2015-16)
  • ACONP Past President (2013-2014)
  • NBOME Board of Directors (2018-Present)
  • Macomb County Osteopathic Medical Association Past President (2006-2007) 
MOA Nomination Letter from Dr. Andrew Adair (PDF)
Robert G. G. Piccinini, DO, D.FACN Curriculum Vitae 

Osteopathic Leaders Support  

"I am pleased to recommend Dr. Robert Piccinini for President-Elect of the AOA. I have known, and had the opportunity of working with, Dr. Piccinini for many years. He has been an outstanding leader of the MOA and has regularly contributed to the advancement of the osteopathic profession. He will be an ASSET for the continued advancement of the osteopathic profession. I strongly urge the AOA delegates to support Dr. Piccinini as our President-Elect."
- William G.Anderson, DO, FACOS, Past President of the MOA and AOA

"It is my pleasure to support Robert GG Piccinini, DO for AOA President-Elect.  He is a tremendous leader.  I look forward to working with him. Michigan is proud to have him representing us!"
- Bruce Wolf, DO, MOA Past President, AOA Trustee, Assistant Dean MSUCOM Macomb University Center

"Dr Piccinini has outstanding qualifications & service to hold this office.  Throughout his time in leadership with the MOA, & now on the AOA Board of Trustees , he has worked diligently in strengthening & promoting our Osteopathic profession. I strongly recommend that he be considered for the position of AOA President-Elect."
- Kevin Beyer, DO, MOA Trustee, Secretary/Treasurer

"On behalf of the American College of Osteopathic Neurologists and Psychiatrists, we support the nomination of Robert G.G. Piccinini, DO, D.FACN for the AOA President-Elect. Dr Piccinini is a Past President, as well as the current Secretary/Treasurer of our organization. He was awarded Distinguished Fellow status of our organization—the youngest to garner that honor—for his outstanding service to our organization and the osteopathic profession.
- Sue Wesserling, MBA, Executive Director ACN ACONP

"I am writing in support of Dr. Robert Piccinini for AOA President. I have known Dr. Piccinini for over ten years and through out this time he has been a great mentor and supportive leader. He has been—and continues to be—a great mentor to me and other physicians across the country, helping to bridge connecting MOA and AOA leadership roles. He will make an excellent AOA President and will serve with distinction." 
- Adam C. Hunt, DO, MHS, FACEP

"In my time working with Dr. Piccinini I have been amazed at his dedication and drive in advancing the osteopathic profession. His efforts have made an impact at every leadership role he has embraced. It is without hesitation that I strongly support Dr. Piccinini for AOA President-Elect."
- Kris Nicholoff, MOA CEO and Executive Director, Board member of the AOF, AOSED and OPAC

As the MOA is honored to nominate Dr. Robbert G.G. Piccinini as our candidate for the 2024-25 President-Elect of the AOA., we offer a quick slideshow of photos reflecting Dr. Piccinini's career and, of course, his dedication to barbecue.

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