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3 Steps for Health Care Professionals to participate in the CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Program - LINK

COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic Preparation Checklist & Resource Toolkit - LINK 


MCIR E-Ordering for COVID-19 vaccine is now live! As a reminder, this is to be used for all COVID-19 vaccine ordering, even for sites that previously had direct orders placed by MDHHS (LHDs, hospitals, etc.). MDHHS is no longer placing weekly orders for sites nor will 2nd doses be automatically ordered. Instead, E-Ordering allows sites to initiate orders based on their need (and based on products available for order). We have developed several resources for your support and will continue to create materials as we navigate this transition. See below:

How to Order COVID-19 Vaccine in MCIR (E-Ordering)

Other Tip Sheets on Orders & Shipments

Before ordering COVID-19 vaccine - be sure your site is equipped to store, handle, and administer the vaccine appropriately. Review our COVID-19 Vaccine Provider Checklist & Resource Toolkit and our MDHHS COVID-19 Vaccine Provider Guidance website:

Please note that orders are not automatically approved upon placement - They are reviewed by Local Health Department (LHD) staff who may approve, revise, or reject orders and contact you for follow-up. Before approving requests for vaccine orders, LHDs may assess your site for readiness, request temperature logs, or review other materials to assure COVID-19 vaccine is managed appropriately. Please defer to LHD guidance prior to placing an order in MCIR so that any necessary paperwork such as temperature logs can be provided at the time of ordering (

All of our tip sheets and many more resources for COVID-19 vaccination efforts can be found on our MDHHS COVID-19 Vaccine Provider Guidance website: Be sure to bookmark this page and check back frequently for updates!

NEW MODERNA VIALS AVAILABLE: This week, we received an allocation of the 14-dose Moderna vials (max 15-dose). Therefore, when placing an order, you will see the 10-dose and 14-dose presentations available (100-dose min order and 140-dose min order). 

For information on these larger-fill Moderna vials, see the attached 'UPDATED Moderna Guidance 5-28-2021' email with linked attachments.

If you have questions, please contact [email protected].

Thank you,

MDHHS Division of Immunization


Do you want to know at any given time how many vaccines have been distributed and how many administered?

  • It’s always here: COVID-19 Vaccine Dashboard
  • Answer for today: Distributed 1,818,225; Administered 1,127,787; Percent Administered 62.03%. 
  • The total vaccines administered under the Federal Long-Term Care Pharmacy Program can be found there, too.
  • Answer for today: 123,966.
  • The number of enrolled providers, also shown on the dashboard, has increased to 2,106.

 Now for Thursday’s COVID-19 data
Bridge Michigan Coronavirus Tracker

New Cases

  • Today’s reported case count is 1,358.
  • Michigan reports a total of 565,251 confirmed coronavirus cases since the start of the pandemic.

New Case Trends

  • Case rates have been in solid decline for 24 days and are currently at 159 cases per million after peaking at 740 cases per million on Saturday, Nov. 14.  
  • Three MERC regions in the state are now below 150 cases per million people: the Detroit, Traverse City and Upper Peninsula regions.  


  • The state reported 74 additional COVID-19 deaths today including 63 deaths identified during a Vital Records review.
  • Confirmed COVID-19 deaths now total 14,778. 


  • Hospital capacity dedicated to COVID-19 patients has been in 10-week decline, with current capacity at 6.6% for beds with COVID-19 patients. COVID-19 hospitalizations peaked at 19.6% on Tuesday, Dec. 4.


  • The test positivity rate is currently 4.9% and declining. This is the first time positivity has been this low since mid-October.
  • Since the pandemic began, Michigan has performed more than ten million COVID-19 tests with a total test count of 10,008,837. This includes 434,574 antigen tests and 9,574,263 PCR tests.

Looking for vaccine resources? 

Michigan shares communication resources for residents and partners to support the COVID-19 response. Visit the Vaccine Communications toolkit for social media, digital, print, radio and video resources you can use to support the COVID-19 response. Let’s all encourage Michiganders to help slow the spread of the virus, and to share the Spread Hope, Not COVID campaign.

Together we will keep reaching our vaccination goals:

  • 70% of Michiganders age 16 and up vaccinated as quickly as possible.
  • 90% of doses received administered within 7 days of arrival.
  • 95% of people get their second doses of vaccine within the expected time frame.
  • Zero Disparity in vaccination rates across racial and ethnic groups or by social vulnerability index.
  • 20-minutes, no Michigander should have to drive more than 20 minutes to reach a vaccination site.
  • 50,000 shots in arms per day.
  • You can find more information on Michigan’s goals, guiding principles and vaccine strategy here: Michigan Interim COVID-19 Vaccination Strategy



As information on the Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) from around the world is shared, the MOA is aggregating data, announcements and changes in requirements. The MOA participates in daily meetings to study updates to the situation in Michigan and stay informed on how other states are responding to the outbreak of COVID-19. The MOA will share updates and announcements from various health organizations and state agencies and post on this page.  

Comments or questions? Contact the MOA

COVID-19 Vaccination Information: Provider Registration Form

If you are planning on providing COVID-19 immunization in your practice there is a form to complete. Prior to completing the Provider Registration Form (COVID) you must have a MCIR number. We can assist you in completing the COVID Provider form which is available online. Here is the link:


MDHHS Resources

Healthcare Professionals Comprehensive list of resource links to PDF for healthcare providers 

COVID-19 Vaccine Prioritization Guidance This guidance outlines the strategy for vaccine prioritization for the State of Michigan and will be used by MDHHS, as well as public health and health care, as they allocate and administer vaccines.


COVID-19 Vaccine FAQs Frequently asked questions about the COVID-19 vaccines. The information in this document will change frequently as we learn more about COVID-19 vaccines.


COVID-19 Vaccine Dashboard Vaccination data will be updated Monday - Saturday from the Michigan Care Improvement Registry (MCIR).


Vaccine Locations Vaccination is our path back to normal life and a strong economy. Learn more about the process for getting vaccinated on this page.


COVID-19 Educational Resources

MDHHS COVID-19 Vaccine information

MDHHS has prepared a COVID-19 Vaccine webpage for providers. It is the ‘COVID-19 Vaccine Provider Guidance and Education Resources’. Another way to access this site is directly from the Department's COVID-19 vaccine webpage, then selecting “Provider Guidance and Education”.
This webpage will have valuable information to support COVID-19 Vaccine Providers in the successful implementation of the COVID-19 Vaccination Program. It will also be home to a live MDHHS COVID-19 Provider Toolkit. This toolkit is currently being worked on and as soon as it becomes available, we will get a message out. This webpage will be partnered with CDC to provide important and timely education as it is arriving.
Here are some topics you can find at the COVID-19 Vaccine Provider Guidance and Education webpage:
  • CDC Covid-19 Educational Resources
  • Enrollment
  • Vaccine Recommendations
  • Vaccine Billing and Vaccine Codes
  • Patient Education & Adverse Event Reporting
  • Storage & Handling (S&H)
  • Vaccine Administration
  • Ordering & Receiving Vaccine and Ancillary Supplies
  • MCIR Inventory, Dose Documentation
  • VaccineFinder
  • Communication Resources

Information around the COVID-19 outbreak is changing rapidly. The latest information is available at and

MDHHS COVID-19 Emergency Laboratory Network Emergency Hotline 888-277-9894 
Clinicians should call this number to have the patient’s symptoms and risk factors assessed against the prioritization criteria. If the patient meets criteria, MDHHS will
provide instructions for obtaining laboratory testing.

MDHHS Coronavirus COVID-19 Information Hotline: 888-535-6136 (8am- 5pm)
For general information on COVID-19 and how the state is working to lessen the risks and limit the spread of COVID-19.  

Centers for Disease Control: 800-232-4636
For general information on COVID-19 on a national and worldwide level.  

Testing Patients

If you have a patient that needs to be tested contact the local health department of the patient's county of residence before testing. 
Healthcare providers also have the ability to request testing from a commercial laboratory. 

Local Health Departments Interactive Map

Other links:
MDHHS Coronavirus updates:
CDC: Coronavirus Disease 2019 Update (CDC)
CDC FAQ'S: Frequently Asked Questions (CDC)
CDC Know the Facts: Know the facts about COVID-19 and help stop the spread of rumors (CDC)
WHO: Preventative Measure Guidance (WHO)

Governor's Office
The Governor has issued several Executive Orders pertaining to COVID-19 in the State of Michigan. Some orders have been rescinded and more are expected. For a complete and updated list of Executive Orders in Michigan click below. 

Executive Orders from the Governor's Office