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MOA is pleased to announce an exciting new Member Benefit Program through our affiliation with National Recovery Agency.

National Recovery Agency (NRA Group) offers a comprehensive, web-accessible, accounts receivable management program that is designed to improve your facility’s cash flow and eliminate the internal efforts required to collect slow pay and delinquent accounts.  NRA’s program minimizes slow-pay, delinquent accounts and write-offs.

NRA is offering their easy-to-use, results-driven program to all MHHA members with exclusive benefits including:

  • Reduced fees for MOA  members
  • Web-Accessible Service: Accounts can be placed, updated and audited online with a password protected, secured website, accessible 24/7.  Through the portal, you can review all collection activity and access a suite of reports to ensure you remain in control of your accounts at all times.
  • Patient Analytics Driven Workflow:  Contacts are custom designed to promote immediate payment and prevent patient alienation. Using advanced financial analytics and student scoring systems, NRA ensures maximum balance recovery on patient accounts.
  • Free Accounts Receivable Analysis:  NRA will conduct an Accounts Receivable Analysis at no charge and no obligation to access the status of your accounts and recommend the best solution to save time, reduce cost, increase recovery ratios and maintain positive patient relationships.
  • Credentialed Agency:  NRA has been certified by the ACA International since 2003 as a Professional Practices Management System (PPMS), representing less than 1% of agencies internationally to achieve this distinguished title.

Don’t let your delinquent receivables age any longer.  Partner with an agency that is trusted by Healthcare professionals nationally to improve cash flow today.

To receive your FREE Accounts Receivables Analysis and learn more about how the member benefit can significantly improve your bottom line, please contact Tim Grayewski at 616.213.7678 or [email protected]