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MOA appreciates that many members completing residency programs have student loan debt. To help ease this debt burden, MOA has arranged to offer members and their families a .25% Rate Discount1 when they refinance their student loans through

Residents can refinance as well! During your Residency program and once you have an offer letter for full-time employment with a start date within 12 months, you can apply to refinance with SoFi.

Pay just $100 per month for up to 54 months. Reduce your payments during residency — then, once in practice, switch to the full repayment plan and term you initially chose. There are no application or origination fees and no pre-payment penalties. 

SoFi refinances student loan debt at low rates, creating meaningful savings for their borrowers. MOA members, friends, and family receive a .25% Rate Discount1 when they apply through

Benefits include:

  • Welcome Bonus: MOA members, friends and family receive a $.25% Rate Discount1 upon refinancing through
  • Great Rates: Low variable and fixed rates. Check out current rates at
  • Simplicity: Consolidate all existing student loans (federal and private) into a single loan with one monthly payment. Parent PLUS loan refinancing is also available.
  • No Hidden Fees: No application fees, no origination fees and no prepayment penalties.
  • Delayed Interest: Accrued interest does not compound while paying $100/month. This  means you don't accrue interest on interest while in your residency period.

If you have questions about SoFi student loan refinancing, please visit or contact SoFi directly at [email protected] or 855-456-7634

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Terms and conditions apply. SoFi reserves the right to modify or discontinue products and benefits at any time without notice. SoFi loans are private loans and SoFi does not offer the same flexible repayment terms that are features of federal student loans. Eligible borrowers must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents and meet SoFi's underwriting requirements. Other state restrictions may apply. SoFi loans are originated by SoFi Lending Corp (dba SoFi) California Finance Lender #6054612. NMLS #1121636. 1See 2See

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