Our organization was established in 1946 to support and promote osteopathic medicine throughout the great State of Michigan along with the Michigan Osteopathic Association. Over the years, our name has changed many times and our current name, Advocates for the Michigan Osteopathic Association (AMOA) was adopted in 2005. 

Throughout all of the changes, however, our mission has remained the same, to support and promote osteopathic medicine in Michigan through community outreach, academic scholarship, and legislative activity. Our membership consists of family members of osteopathic physicians and supporters of the osteopathic profession. There is a comprehensive historical museum of our organization on the campus of MSU-COM. The museum showcases the philanthropic works that the AMOA has achieved over the course of our existence. We look forward to sharing this influential collection with you. We are an affiliate of the Advocates for the American Osteopathic Association.

AMOA Spring 2018

For those of you new to the AMOA, welcome. We are glad you have found us, and we look forward to sharing this great organization with you. For those of you who are already familiar with the Advocates, welcome back! We know that you are aware of the exceptional work that this organization has done in the past, and can understand what the AMOA can do in the future. To everyone, the most important part of the AMOA is that we can't do it without you!


Tree of Peace

The holiday season is a time when we pause to celebrate life and family, and honor our friends and loved ones.  In keeping with this spirit, the Advocates for the Michigan Osteopathic Association are once again presenting a very 

Tree of Peace AMOA

special opportunity to remember that special person while supporting the programs of the Advocates.
The Tree of Peace will be displayed in the lobby of our beautiful MOA building for the month of December in Okemos.  With your support, it will glow brilliantly throughout the holiday with all dedications being listed in the Book of Honor displayed next to the Tree of Peace. 

There are three ways to give:
• A Shining Light: For a $10.00 minimum donation, a Light is dedicated in Memory of Honor of your loved one.
• A Tree of Peace Sponsorship: For a $40.00 minimum donation, a Keepsake Ornament will be placed on the Tree.
• A Tree of Peace Keepsake Ornament: For a $100.00 minimum donation, a Keepsake Ornament will be placed on the tree plus you will receive that Keepsake Ornament when the tree is taken down in January.

All proceeds of this fundraiser will benefit our ongoing projects in support of the Osteopathic Profession.  The Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program, the AMOA’s Distracted Driving Simulator, and supporting our MSUCOM medical students and their families continue to be the projects that receive the most of our efforts.  As always, our hope is to expand the reach of our osteopathic message to interested hospitals, service organizations and schools.

This year’s ornament is once again hand crafted of fused glass created by our amazingly talented Michigan Advocates.  

Tree of Peace Order Form

AMOA Board and Representatives

President Pam Kolinski
Past-President Angela Kalcec
Past-President Lauren Stremers
President Elect/Tree of Peace Rachel Jones
Vice President Pam Prokop
Treasurer Lauren Stremers
Recording Secretary Angela Kalcec
Director (3 Year 2019-2020) Mary Gebara
Director ( 3 Year Starting 2017-2020) Becky Kilhorn
Director (Helping with DD)  Genell Wheeler
Corresponding Secretary Jacque Ruhland
MSUCOM SAA REP Maria Cooper-Roth
HFAH IRAA REP Stephanie Routh
Parliamentarian Renee Kazmierski
Convention Chair/MSUCOM SAA Advisor Lauren/Angie Stremers/Kalcec
Newsletter Crystal Skeluch
Membership Angela Kalcec
MSUCOM SAA Advisor Angela Kalcec
Legislative Representative Nancy Granowicz
By-Laws Chair Lynette Goldberger
Community Outreach/Distracted Driving Linda Adams
Past-President Liaison Dana Borenitsch
MOCF Rep Pam Kolinski
Spring Convention Raffle Jennifer Magnatta
Delegates and Registration Ardis Soye

Distracted Driver Awareness program
AMOA Distracted Driver Simulator
Our distracted driving simulator is one of our main outreach to the community. We get requests often to set up and display our simulator a
t schools, hospitals, and other events. The simulator challenges drivers to navigate typical driving scenarios while attempting to use a phone to text or make a phone call. The results are predictable- driving while texting simply does not mix. We also have drunk driving goggles to warn of the dangers of drinking and driving. 

Fortunately our simulator shows the hazards without real-life consequences, accidents, hospital visits, and a trip to the courtroom are all simulated, though could happen in reality if people choose to text or drink and drive. The AMOA offers this Distracted Driving Simulator to various groups, please reach out if interested

MOA Convention
Each year at the MOA Scientific Convention the Advocates gather for their annual House of Delegates meeting and installation luncheon. Our meeting is a time for members to get together and celebrate osteopathic advocacy, as well as discuss important items and events for the good of our organization. Following our meeting is the installation of our President and board, and luncheon. We typically hold this event on the Friday and Saturday of the Scientific Convention.




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